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Alliance Drilling Fluid
Cabot Oil & Gas
Halliburton USA
Marathon Oil Company
Marquis Alliance
Quantum Energy
Halliburton International
Ventech International
Windrush Operating Co. LLC.
EOG Resources Inc.
Chesapeake Operating
Petro-Chem Technical Services
Petroleum Engineers International


AIP Drilling Division Inc., a minority owned company, provides a team of qualified technical professionals, both international and domestic.

AIP Drilling Division Inc. goals are to complete producing wells on or ahead of schedule to avoid costly abandonments. AIP Drilling Division Inc. personnel will
conduct your operation in an environmentally safe and a socially responsible manner while maintaining high ethical standards. AIP Drilling Division Inc. has a commitment to excellence which is responsible for our winning combination of success and support of the oil and gas industry. We use the word “combination” because it is the winning combination between you our client and our Elite Force. AIP Drilling Division Inc. and its Elite Force are recognized as the team that keeps you Ahead of the Curve. Now that’s exactly where you want to be.

AIP Drilling Division Inc. has all O&G disciplines available to include Petroleum Engineering, Drilling Engineering, Operations Management, In Country Managers, Drilling Completions & Workover Consultants, Completions / Production Consultants, Logistics Managers, Mud Engineers, and Logistics Coordinators available to staff your Land and Offshore Drilling projects.

We want to be on your TEAM.

AIP Drilling Division Inc. provides:
· DISA Global Solutions, Inc.
· ISNetworld  A Rating · HSE CBT
· Certified Woman Owned Business
· Certified Minority Owned Business

AIP Safety Division, Inc. strives to provide the highest level of safety consultants for its clients and the public. We provide a safe workplace with the elimination of risk, which will result in a more efficient operation. AIP Safety Division, Inc. values good health, safety, and environmental practices. We provide qualified trained safety consultants to ensure compliance of all applicable laws, regulations, and standards. We strive to communicate information and instruction to our consultants to ensure safety first, and to keep the integrity and stewardship of our clients.

AIP Pipeline Inc. has the proven ability to provide you and your current projects with degreed Design, Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers to meet the needs of your upcoming Pipeline projects.  AIP Pipeline Inc. has a broad verity of  Chief Inspectors, Inspectors , Utility Inspectors, Right-way Inspectors and Safety Inspectors with current certifications and experience to meet and succeed the demands of your project in any geographical area.  AIP Pipeline Inc. will protect, project and ensure federal state and local regulatory  guidelines, which will eliminate costly delays.  AIP Pipeline Inc.’s team of professionals will promotes Safety at all times which results in savings to you our Client.

AIP Pipeline Inc. provides:
• Engineering • Operations Managers • Field Superintendents
• Chief Inspectors • Inspectors • Facility Inspectors
• Right of Way Inspectors • Safety Inspectors